Saturday, 15 May 2010

Link Tank 15/05

So many links, so little attention span. Here are the edited elite.

Dutch government seeking to ban foreigners from coffee shops

What's this modern-day obsession with perfect bodies?

US planned nerve gas attack on Australian troops

Six gender stereotypes that science says are true

An extension of VAT could mean a 'fat tax' on UK food

It's the future: 3D Playboy centrefolds

Imperial Tobacco: "A spectacular success story"

ID checks are getting out of hand

Spitfire beer fights the German luftlager [video]

After 40 years and $1 trillion, the US drug war has met none of its goals

People want big health and big education, not big government

Teenager refused a puncture repair kit ... in case he sniffs the glue

Will UK civil servants scupper civil liberties reform?

The excellent Bob Newhart celebrates 50 years in Showbiz


Demetrius said...

Nerve Gases - Porton Down had already trialled various types on British troops a few years earlier. The full story of this has yet to emerge.

Joe Public said...

I thought Playboy specialised in 38DD centrefolds

Chuckles said...

The Dutch market segmentation story is reminiscent of Tom Waits, 'Go ahead then, call the cops; they don't meet nice girls in coffee shops'...

Anonymous said...

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In my last visit to Canterburry i
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