Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Orange Digital Campaigning Awards (NOT) #orangedigitalawards

I've been tagged by Anna Raccoon to join in a meme initiated by The Wardman Wire. Matt explains the reasoning behind it at this link.

I also notice that I've been nominated myself by Rosie who says I "worked hard throughout the election.". Although I wouldn't describe posting a series of articles basically saying 'Don't Vote Labour' as hard work - more enjoyable use of leisure time, really - I'm touched nonetheless.

I can't find fault with Anna's joint nomination of OH & GOT, but a stand out candidate for inclusion, IMO, has surely got to be Heydon Prowse and the Don't Panic TV team. From installing a plaque at Jacqui Smith's sister's home to digging up Alan Duncan's garden, they were the viral video kings of the expenses scandal.

John Walsh, Tory PPC for Middlesbrough deserves a nomination too for this innovative campaign video.

As far as tagging goes, this may not be everyone's bag, but let's shove it towards Ukippers Gawain Towler and Mark Wadsworth, plus libertarian Longrider, and see what happens.

ADDENDUM: Oops, I forgot the meme rules. And that if you haven't been tagged, feel free to tag yourself and take part anyway.

Here are the rules for the meme:

1.Nominate the best example of digital campaigning known to you.
2.Link back to this post or comment here, so I can add it to the list.
3.Start your title “Orange Digital Campaigning Awards (NOT)”, including the hashtag #orangedigitalawards.
4.Tag some others who can help us find the best online campaigning.


Middle Seaxe said...

Seen this?

I did have to laugh. Although I probably shouldn't.

Longrider said...

Not sure I can help with this one as I have no thoughts about who I would nominate.