Monday, 24 May 2010

Giving Something Back

Shhh ... don't tell Mrs P. But why don't I have neighbours like this?

ASBO bans woman from lap dancing, pole dancing and prostitution
Yes. People are actually complaining!

At least one family, it was alleged, had been moved into emergency housing, while others were said to have suffered ill-health.
I feel it my duty, as a citizen, to try to ease their pain. I could do with a lodger to, err, help with the bills, naturally. Anyone know how to get in touch?

Perhaps I could also bring Tasha along to brush up on the girl's education.


Joe Public said...

Surely, that breaches her Humam Rights to have a delivery Pizza?

No men other than brothers or emergancy services are allowed in her house, yet I've never ever seen a female pizza delivery driver.

JJ said...

Because I've got em all as neighbours DP!