Monday, 10 May 2010

Err, Clegg ...

... Don't you fucking dare!

No, seriously. Don't.

Time for a strong beer away from the keyboard - in this mood I may break it.


Oldrightie said...

Clegg is demonstrating the traits of so called Liberals for all to see. Come the next election I expect them to be marmalised, along with Labour. Vote rigging withstanding.

bayard said...

Oh come on, he's a politician; they'll do anything for a sniff of power.

Anonymous said...

Cameron had promised to repeal or amend the ban in pubs and clubs

He ...WOULD ...not...COULD have won the following seats


Gilt edged,guaranteed.
No excuses from the "not an issue"
fellow travellers.


rb said...

There is no other word for what Brown and Clegg are doing - its a coup and there will be blood spilled as a result

Dick Puddlecote said...

Agree Anon: Labour laugh fest may follow tomorrow if I get time. Still at a lock on, fraid :-)

JohnRS said...

CallMeDave should now stand in front of Parliament and publically reject the LimDims....."we were negitiating in good faith but have realised that the LimpDims were never serious, so all offers are now off the table".

Leave Clegg The Untrustworthy with only one game to play. The Celtic coalition is a non-starter, it'll break down before they ever get anywhere near a Queens Speech as the IMF ride into town to try to save the pound. (How far has it now fallen since Brown's "not-resignation" speech?)

There'll be another GE soon enough and the LimpDims will ride into the sunset tagged as being the liars that they actually are when you get underneath the hippy face paint.

Mr A said...

I'm surprisingly sanguine about this perversion of democracy. Labour have been deliberately hiding how bad everything is and borrowing like Hell to put off the inevitable cuts and double dip recession in the hope that the "nasty Tories" would be blamed for it.

Now they're lumbered with this crap and a possible (and completely unworkable coalition) with the Lib Dems and the Nationalist Parties who will all want something when there's nothing to give. Labour will be destroyed, as will the Lib Dems by association, paving the way for a glorious Tory victory and the death of left politics in the UK for a generation or more in the next election.

Of course if we're looking at a year or two it will have to be Dave who picks up the pieces. But if it's any longer then a Tory party led by Davies and backed by Hague would wipe the floor.

Also, as someone on another blog pointed out, if the IMF gets called in then all those lovely credits and benefits that Labour pay their pets to vote for them will be gone and even Labour's client-base will desert them.

On a philosophical level I'm amazed that a party can win the election and still not be in power (why not just automatically have a minority government? - backroom deals can sort out issues on individual issues as they go along) but on a practical level I think we could be seeing the beginning of the end of the Left in Britain. Hoo-fucking-ray!

Paul said...

If there is a Labour-Lib Dim-DUP-SDLP-Alliance-Sylvia Hermon coalition that would leave them with a majority of 5.

I am actually warming to the "coalition of losers" idea in a sort of 'give 'em enough rope' kind of way.

Paul said...

That's another point - why does Cyclops want to hang on anyway? I'd gladly be hanging the reins over to the Tories and heading for the nearest airport before they'd found out just what a mess I'd made of the country.

If Brown resigns there could be a period of the Tory party being in power and making a lot of very painful and unpopular decisions. Paving the way for a resounding NuLab victory.

Or something like that.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Paul: "I am actually warming to the "coalition of losers" idea in a sort of 'give 'em enough rope' kind of way."

Was thinking the same this morning after a chat with a couple of colleagues. May write about it later. ;-)