Wednesday 23 June 2010

Ban Facebook!

Via Gawain, file this under 'you are seriously stupid and have no right to make your own decisions'. Someone always knows better.

There has been an explosion in the usage of this online social networking tool across Europe: unfortunately many people have crossed the line from social networking to social dysfunction. This is a real health issue and I am calling upon the Commission to take action.

Visiting your Facebook page frequently actually causes what psychologists refer to as ‘intermittent reinforcement’. Notifications, messages and invitations reward you with an unpredictable high, much like gambling. That anticipation can get dangerously addictive. Many people access their Facebook page once or twice a week; however, for others it has turned into a compulsion — and it is a compulsion to dissociate yourself from your real world and go and live in the Facebook world.
All the usual authoritarian heart-tuggers are in there. The hyperbolic use of 'explosion'; the expression as fact that this is a 'real health problem'; invocation of 'experts'; the comparison with a commonly regarded evil, in this case gambling; and do I sense an underlying hatred of a big, bad (but popular) capitalist money-making enterprise? Yep, I think so.

As socialist (which the author of this crap is, natch) navel-gazing becomes ever more absurd, one must ask why they always get so jealous of those who enjoy something popular? Or, more to the point, why does this jealousy always - but always - drive them to seek a solution whereby others are stopped from deriving that enjoyment?

And why collective punishment is, yet again, the chosen tool to restrict choice for the vast majority, on the flimsy premise that a tiny few may be incapable of exercising control over their own lives.

Didn't that used to be part and parcel of evolution?


Anonymous said...

let us be honest about platforms
like Facebook, in simple terms,
a digital Cuckoos nest.
The ruling elite must be dancing with joy,millions of slaves
""rebelling ""in front of monitors
hardly ever seeing a stone thrown
in anger.
A disabled militia consoling each
other with dreams of deliverance
from self imposed isolation.

Get a life,sniff the reality

Road to Damascus

JJ said...

I can only imagine that the coalition government will - as time goes by - take an incisive look at the incessant crap from the self-righteous brigade, and just simply ignore it, no matter how much there're lobbied. NICE and other such interfering cunts can only be cuntish if politicians allow themselves to be pushed along under the illusion of ‘doing the right thing’.

Sooner or later I’m sure with the blessing of politicians and several cuts to funding this maggot infested dung pile of unnecessary quangos’ will eventually reach critical mass and eventually implode.

Smoking Hot said...

Maybe she's on Facebook and has no friends and is just jealous of those that have. :)

paulkearns said...

They obviously don't like it because it allows people to interact and discuss things with other people - and that will never do in a socialist society. They might not agree with the "experts" - making these, so called "experts", redundant.
The wankers have always been around and the last 13 years has allowed them to flourish. I recall when the Moorgate tube crashed happened, that, suddenly, there were "experts" in London Underground crashes on the TV. The last tube crash had been in 1953 (but that was on the surface) and prior to that, there hadn't been one underground since 1938 (dismissing accidents when it was being built) - yet the "experts" were there, on the TV, telling us all about the changes that had to be made "for our own safety" - and this was 1975. Most of them were probably in their 30s at the time, meaning that they were experts on a subject that happened around the time that they were born (1938).
Identify an activity - and there has always been an "expert" who can prove that you shouldn't do it.
The common thread between these tossers is that none of them actually understand that life is for living - not for avoiding death "just in case" - because (and this is really going to piss them off), even THEY are going to die. When they do, all we can hope, as mere mortals is that, as they lie on their deathbeds, the suddenly realise that they have wasted every minute they had on this beautiful planet and their last thought is "oh fuck ....."

Dick Puddlecote said...

Top sentiment, Paul. :-)

Chuckles said...

Paul, Minor point, there are people whom naive, gullible and not very bright journalists will believe are 'experts'.

The socialists, lefties and fellow travellers have an absolute fascination, bordering on obsession, for social and similar 'networks' and the like. I suppose because it fits the worldview, but they cannot imagine anyone achieving anything in any other way.
Examples include the very strange documents on AGW 'Networks' produced by an LFF affiliate for the WWF, and the recent ravings of Spinwatch about Spiked, LM, and half the world.

Similarly, without Twitter, anyone attempting to make it in the modern world would simply undergo a total existence failure.

It's also very evident that most cannot even consider the fact that most of the world finds Twitter, Facebook and the like trite and trivial, irrelevant, and all the rest.