Saturday 19 June 2010

Blogroll Update

Via Obo, I've just found out that Woman on a Raft has finally started a blog. As Queen of the commentariat, this can only be a good thing, so straight on the DP blogroll she goes.

Also, considering we're going to require some good advice on the vagaries of UK customs once the government raise booze and fags to ever more unrealistic levels in the upcoming budget, the expert analysis of Nothing 2 Declare is going to come in handy.

And why I've not added the impeccably-researched - albeit occasional - writings of Katabasis before? Well, fucked if I know.

Lastly, Fuel Injected Moose writes some very insightful stuff ... when he's not drooling over cars, that is.


Woman on a Raft said...

Many thanks for the link

Bucko said...

Thanks DP, I'm honoured. I'd just like to say.... oh, a car. Drool...

Unknown said...

Interesting additions to your b/roll DP. I've noticed Nothing 2 Declare since he joined the F2C forum the other week. As a non traveller, I have no passport, (a lot of F2C'rs go abroad for their stock of products to usurp the swingeing anti tobacco taxes here) and his pronouncements about HMRC struck a cord with the members as far as tobacco control is concerned and was thinking of doing a blog on him.

I read about Woman on a Raft on Obo's blog but his sparten style of writing usually has me having a quick look (just cant resist clicking on his link) to see if I'm missing something but more often than not I don't click on any links he has within. The woman has something I want to hear.

Katabasis I have had on my b/roll for a while but he's been quiet of late, good choice tho.

As for Fuel Injected Moose, well, I've seen that name about the net somewhere? But Bucko...well, he's getting a name for himself, it's nice to put two and two together and getting four for a change.

Good additions to your b/roll I say.

BTW: Didn't Astralia put England to shame with their fighting spirit this afternoon. And goalkeeper Schwartz eh, a one time goaly for Middlesbrough, was a marvel. He put Englands Robert Green to shame.