Tuesday 22 June 2010

There Goes The Neighbourhood



No change this time round. Labour's plan to increase the duty on cider by 10% above inflation will be scrapped from July.
If you're in the Shoreditch or Whitechapel area and have been hearing a high-pitched whining noise since lunch, it's not the incoming 747s on the Heathrow flightpath. Merely an almighty tantrum being thrown in a couple of offices.

There'll be screaming all over the MSM in the next couple of days, mark my words, the righteous aren't used to being ignored, you see. Swarm like flying ants, they will.



Angry Exile said...

[Fake stroppy voice] This budget is disastrous news for tobacco smugglers and people flogging iffy red diesel. When will this government think of these essential industries? [/fsv]


Mr A said...

I won't be happy till I hear the words, "All funding to ASH to be cut, immediately." Then I don't care if my job goes, if VAT is 99% or if my pension disappears. I just want to hear those eight words. Really, I live in anticipation.

Can't be long now.....

JuliaM said...


Couple that with the distinctly 'Yes, yes, very good, now run along, we've important things to do..' response to NICE that so miffed the Guardianites and it's starting to look a lot like...

Well, not Christmas, exactly, but not too shabby, eh?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Crikey, Julia! You've just wasted half an hour of my life reading those comments. Truly awesome fuckwittery.

Annoying really as I was going to leave that story. Oh well.

Shug Niggurath said...

Bit of populism in the budget, bearing in mind they got us in the last one we all know George is gonna do the same at his proper budget.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Shug: Tis true, but maybe they took into account that another increase, coupled with VAT being upped to 20% would be incredibly extortionate after what has gone before.

The above link doesn't include the extra increases in March.