Tuesday 8 June 2010

Let's Hear It, Joan

One from Guido made me laugh, in a funny Labour-are-hypocritical-twats kinda way.

You would think while discussing rape and the sensitive circumstances surrounding it, that Members [Denis MacShane] would be able to contain themselves from jeering and interrupting from the back benches, but given it was a late sitting just before midnight it seems one member may have enjoyed the pre-debate refreshments a little too much.
Is this the same Denis MacShane who is so awfully concerned about the trafficking of women into prostitution that he is willing to stand up and provide false statistics on the matter?

I think it is.

I'm sure his missus will have gone spare about his antics yesterday then, and is probably already planning to rip his guts out in her next column for the Independent.

Can't wait to see it, Joan.

Joan? Err, Joan? Aw shucks, not you as well!

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