Sunday 20 June 2010

We Can't Be Trusted

And the award for brass neck of 2010 goes to ...

Foreign Office minister Henry Bellingham revealed that Government Hospitality, which manages the cellar, had spent £17,698 on new stock since May 6 - bringing the total value to £864,000 - though he insisted the standard practice of buying wines young saved money for the taxpayer.

"None of these wines has yet been used. Careful management of the Government wine cellar enables GH to provide wine for high profile events at significantly below the current market rate, making substantial savings for the taxpayer."
Hey, Henry. The rest of us poor bastards who are condemned to life under your dictatorial rule tend to do the same.

When our suppliers offer a money-saving deal, we avail ourselves of it, thereby making 'substantial savings' for our household finances. With our own money, I might add.

Precisely the savings, in fact, that you hypocrites would seek to deprive us of by any means possible.

So, let's get this straight. We voted for a referendum on Europe - you refused it. We voted for a partial smoking ban - you changed it. Some of us voted for parties you don't like - you exclude them. You get caught out claiming expenses we could only dream of - you complain it's unfair.

And now, after telling us you have to cut expenses to the bone, you are increasing expenditure on bargain alcohol while spending every waking hour hectoring us that we can't be trusted to do the same.

You've got some nerve, I'll give you that.

H/T Ranty


DerekP said...

"Careful management of the Government wine cellar enables GH to provide wine for high profile events at significantly below the current market rate, making substantial savings for the taxpayer " [my emphasis]

Bloody liar.
Buy Tesco's 'on offer' wine or use your own money.

If you had to fork out your own money for the salaries and costs of 'Government Hospitality' you'd soon be motivated to make some 'substantial savings'.

g1lgam3sh said...

Have I said lately that I utterly despise these fucking bastards?

They really are pushing it aren't they?

Joe Public said...

".......bringing the total value to £864,000...."

In today's hard times, methinks there's an opportunity to reduce our Deficit by over 3/4 £million pounds.

Captain Haddock said...

Got some nerve ?

This twat has more front than bleeding Blackpool ..

And in any event, in these times of increasingly necessary austerity, brought about entirely by 13 years of Labour profligacy ... why are the government indulging themselves & others in sodding "hospitality" ???

Anonymous said...

This may be considered off topic or not.

The more our Political system managers "change" the more they stay the same. I have now came to the conclusion that the only way we will change the system is to break it, once and for all, and rebuild from first principles. I am not talking about revolution or armed insurrection, I refer to financial breakage.

To that end I am considering how to minimise my financial contribution to the system while maximising my drain on public money.

Black or grey market tobacco.
Brew my own beer.
Minimise all purchases that attract VAT.
Exploit each and every tax loophole
Minimise car usage
Cultivate the garden
Exchange of skills.
Reduce all utility consumption.

Since I can live quite well on my basic wage and the above savings will more than compensate, no more overtime = less tax and NI theft and more family time to boot.

Learn about all the potential benefit claims, claim what you can, educate all friends and family to do the same. Excessively use all public services, "free" prescriptions? fill your boots, drain, drain, drain. Encourage others.

Yes there will be pain, lots of it, but the current system needs to be destroyed, utterly destroyed, before it / they destroy our Country forever. Bankrupt Britain and she will have to change her ways. There are billions to be saved at the stroke of a pen and yet our politicians do next to nothing, they cancel future spends and call them cuts, they treat us with contempt.

Our new public serpents have had the chance to declare their intentions and make real changes, real cuts, instead they fiddle around the edges and spin.

Break the system.

Dr Evil said...

We are a northern European nation. They should be serving beer with these meals not wine! Choice of Lager or a nice biter.