Friday 11 June 2010

Every Tom, Dick & Hamish Must Change

It looks like the righteous are getting impatient with picking on one minority after another. They're going after the lot in one fell swoop instead.

Unhealthy living is almost universal in Scotland, with virtually everyone in the country putting themselves at risk, according to a study.

They identified five factors which contributed most to disease in richer countries - smoking, drinking, poor diet, physical inactivity and obesity.

The report found that 97% of Scots had at least one of the risk factors.
That's right. Their disgust for you is total. Every man jock jack of you. Scotland is the 'sick man of Europe' and all sweaties are the disease.

Well, almost all. Scottish righteous are, of course, perfect, and live life in an exemplary manner. You may well be very happy with the way you live, but you have to change to be like them.

You didn't think you had a right to choose, did you?


Anonymous said...

What a load of bollocks. I would writet more but I am too fat to move, too out of breath from smoking, too drunk to spell and my deep fried mars bar and chips has just been delivered.

timbone said...

What got me when I saw the clip on TV was this. The first scene was a close up of guys sat in a pub with a beer, an ashtray and a lit cigarette!! What was I meant to do, suspend my disbelief? When was that filmed?

TheFatBigot said...

Ah, now, only 3% are virtuous ... but how many are Righteous?

Can the Righteous really be as few as 3% of the population? Methinks not. Methinks there's a whole lot of hypocrisy going on. OK, hands up, who's surprised?

bayard said...

The Righteous have always been hypocrites.