Wednesday 9 June 2010

Older Actresses Being Cast In Older Roles Shocker!

I really did think I'd seen it all from London's very costly, feminism-obsessed, and quite astonishingly-gullible tick-box-selected MEP, Hairy Moneyball.

But I was wrong.

The film industry was blasted last week by veteran actresses Juliet Stevenson and Bridget Jones’ diary star Gemma Jones who said male executives only cast ‘nubile and beautiful young women’.

Actors of their age are only offered ‘mother roles’, they claimed and it is having a devastating impact on mature female talent.
Now, forgive me if I've got something out of kilter here, but aren't actresses of a motherly age more suited to film roles which portray them as, well, mothers?

Naturally, Hairy is incensed.

I cannot think of another industry that embraces such an ageist attitude or indeed where it is accepted practice to discriminate against older women so overtly.
She's got a bloody point, you know.

I mean, why wasn't Stevenson cast in the Hannah Montana movie, eh? Or Gemma Jones given the role of Hermione in the last Harry Potter offering? Blatant ageism!

The picture is bleak for so many women because the executives are male and looking for young actresses.
Err, probably because the script, or the paying audience, kinda dictates that the story requires one. Doncha think, Hairy?

Being Labour, of course Hairy wants more laws.

Britain is legislated up to the hilt against employers who would consider using ageist policies within their work environment, you are (quite rightly in my view), not even allowed to ask a persons age within an application for a new job. Yet it has become accepted practice in the acting world in a way it wouldn’t be anywhere else.
I can see it now, Judi Dench rocking up and demanding to be given equal chance of playing a teen crack addict in Noel Clarke's next urban drama. And screaming age-related prejudice when she fails the audition.

Did I mention that we pay Hairy £350,000 per year for this execrable guff?


Pat Nurse MA said...

" are (quite rightly in my view), not even allowed to ask a persons age within an application for a new job."
Yes, Ms Moneyballs but you obviously think it's Ok that people can be grilled about whether they smoke or not on job application forms and I bet you'd have nothing to say about those employers that can legally refuse to employ a smoker simply because they choose to smoke in their own time out of work.
These Labourite, pathetic champagne socialists make me sick - including millionaire Ms Merron who I hear today will get a £100,000 hand shake for being such a twat!

Captain Haddock said...

My heart pumps purple piss for the lot of 'em, poor luvvies ..

Please advise as to where I can send a 10p donation .. in order that they can ring someone who gives a flying fuck ..

subrosa said...

I'm so against this nonsense. These women, who call themselves feminists for some unfathomable reason, do more harm to their gender than any male manages.

How they get these jobs beats me.

J Bonington Jagworth said...

I think it's called the law of supply and demand. Are they sure they're not turning away work because they don't want more matronly roles? Age may be more unkind to women, but they sure have the advantage when they're young!

I do think that the cosmetics companies have it wrong though. Lancome got rid of the lovely Isabella Rosellini just as she reached an age when her promotion of anti-aging products was most effective. Substituting nubile 20-somethings because they've already got perfect skin was missing the point in spades, IMO!

Sue said...

How ridiculous! There are so many great older actresses who get exceptional parts. Look at Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Judi Dench and the Sex in the City women.

I'd feel pretty stupid if, as a 50 year old actress, I'd been asked to play the part of a 20 year old.

I agree with Subrosa, these sort of feminists give women a bad name.

lenko said...

£350,000??? You sure you've got that right? Only the rumour is that the last thing Gordon did, just before the bailiffs threw him out on his arse, was to sign an order CUTTING the PM's remuneration package from £194,000 down to £150,000.

But surely he must have cut the leader of the opposition's pay at the same time?

lenko said...

Sorry -- thought you were talking about Harriet. My error.

Bucko said...

Anybody watch Boston Legal with James Spader and Captain Kirk?

There was one episode where a young black girls mother sued a drama group because they wouldn't let her daughter play "Annie".

That was fiction, but maybe its the future. If its discrimination for old boilers not to be allowed to play sexy cheerleaders, maybe black Annies will shortly follow.

Tim Almond said...

Ageism isn't like racism. Everyone is subject to it. If you don't make as much when you're old then you made a lot more when you were young.

There are more parts for young women. Reason? Because the only people who want to see middle-aged women in rom coms are middle-aged women, and they don't go to the cinema much or buy many DVDs.

Maybe Ms Stevenson can stop fucking whining about her lot and go and write her own damn script and get it made, if she thinks there's such an audience for it. A lot of feminism drives me around the bend like this - these women want equality, but when the chips are down, they just fucking bleat rather than making their own luck.

Sat In A Pub said...

"Ageism isn't like racism. Everyone is subject to it."

What bollox. If everyone was subject to it, it wouldn't be an "ism", would it?

The problems older actresses have in securing certain roles is long standing and well documented. It's nothing to do with "feminism" (yawn) or "lefties" (yawn) or any other of your pet hates.

Presumably it's got under your skin because the lovely HH has become involved. Hard to believe, I know, but not everything she says is wrong.

Oh, and you are allowed to ask a person's age on application forms. You're just not allowed to discriminate on that basis. Except sometimes...

Dick Puddlecote said...

Not everything she says is wrong ... then the next sentence you point out something she said which is wrong. Interesting. ;-)

Back on topic though - sorry, Tyson, I disagree (I would do, it's my article ;-) ). It IS a lefty thing and it IS to do with feminism - Hairy wouldn't have touched it otherwise. That's what she does.

As someone mentioned above, the whole 'problem' is down to market forces. The idea/implication that male film execs are demanding scripts which feature young women, or casting only young women, for any other reason than to better profit their movie company, is quite absurd.

The film business is all about maximising box office receipts, it always has been. If casting older women was a big draw, you'd have loads of young actresses whining. It's just tough.

The 15-24 age group go to the cinema three times more than over 35s according to government figures. Those in that age bracket tend to think anyone over 40 is a crusty and, I guess, wouldn't be too attracted to films with a 40 something as a love interest, say. It's market economics.

And guess what? It's only lefties who demand that the market (ie what people want) should be changed, by legislation, to suit their own preferences or agenda.

As for the ageism the same for all idea. It has some merit. Stevenson, for example, gained her first movie roles in the 70s when she was early 20s so would have no doubt had a chance to benefit back then. Now she's older, she can hardly complain, unless she's saying it never used to happen, which would be rather strange considering sexism was far more rife in those days.

Lastly, what is so wrong with being given 'motherly' roles? Stevenson is a fine actress who has played some great parts. All of which suit her to a tee, what on earth makes her think she'd be good as, say, the female lead in a remake of Notting Hill?

Captain Haddock said...

Frankly, I fail to grasp even the need for debate .. for Christ's sake .. they're actresses, people who spend their entire lives running around dressed as & pretending to be other people (for which they actually get paid) ..

Now if it were Cardiac or Brain Surgeons, in other words, people who can literally make the difference between life & death .. there might be cause for alarm ..

But actresses ? .. you're having a laugh ..