Tuesday 8 June 2010

Coke Just Don't Get It

This is nearing completion in Johannesburg. Just in time for the World Cup.

It's a 16.5 metre high football fan made of 2,500 Coca Cola crates. It is being touted by Coke as a recycling initiative as all materials will be used again once the tournament is over.

Yep, that will have the lefties swooning over the world's most popular drink, and no mistake.

These big corporations still don't get it, do they? The perennially envious despise multi-national successes like Coke, and the righteous will do anything to attack their products*. Attempts at appeasement just don't work, even to satisfy just one legion of right-on hysteria, the shit storm from the whole movement is inevitable, whether they like it or not.

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UPDATE: Evidence of Coke's futile stance from Alex Massie. Irn Bru the bad guy.

* See BP leftist feeding frenzy for details

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Curmudgeon said...

The reality of course is that business organisations are there to make money, not to stand up for free markets.

So it will usually suit them to trim to the prevailing political orthodoxy of the time even if privately they think it's bollocks.

If any major company stood up and proclaimed a scepticism over AGW, they would be excoriated and lose a lot of business.

Sad but true.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Curmudgeon: Yes, I accept that, but you can bet your boots that this is in response to anti-environment accusations from the righteous rather than Coke's willingness to join the crowd.

Think carbon footprints etc. ;-)

It's not going to work. They are still the Devil personified and always will be. They'd be better daring the authorities to touch them with their financial and popular clout.

Or perhaps they will just buckle to the health lobby too and change their recipe.

It's about time these big corps started standing up for themselves and not admitting guilt, really. Doing so just invites more of the same.