Tuesday 15 June 2010

Dick Out And About In Westminster

Nothing to see here today. I'm off to Westminster this lunchtime ... and they're going to let me in! I understand I may even cop for a taxpayer funded coffee, though I won't push it by asking for one of those continental choccie-covered biscuits.

In the evening I'll be trundling over to the IEA for the third Voices of Freedom event, leaving an intervening couple of hours in which to watch the Ivory Coast/Portugal match in the company of like-minded friends ... most probably in a pub.

It's a tough job, and all that.


Bucko said...

Sounds nice. I hope you get some nice photographs while you are out in Westminster.

Anonymous said...

OT but of interest. Despite the fact that the cause of death was pneumonia for this lung transplant patient - the horror is that the lungs came from a smoker.

JJ said...

You're simply enjoying (as the Americans would say) some downtime.

After bringing us our regular fix of demolition jobs of the self-righteous...then you deserve it.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of Dicking about to me.