Thursday 3 June 2010

Cult Of The Now

It's a story which should really have been left but, try as I might, I can't help feeling exasperated at this.

The event was axed after 18 people were injured last year — 10 of whom were spectators. In 1997 at least 33 people were injured.
These horrendous arsewipes are trying to eradicate 200 years of heritage, eccentricity and fun, despite none but the willing wishing to take part or spectate. Two. Hundred. Fucking. Years.

Who on earth gave them such a right?


JuliaM said...

It's rather heartwarming that, despite that, hundreds turned out to stick two fingers up, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I don't see how the concept of "permission" works here. Which law is being invoked to ban the event? Isn't the ban just a withdrawal of medical facilities, which could be bought privately?

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later all fairs ,events,
pageants,cultural gatherings will
be banned. Metroman and his harlots
have one common purpose.
Work ,shop and Telly.
No unions,no churches ,no clubs,no pubs,no social gatherings,no debate,no discussion,no criticism,
no questioning,just a long grey
obedience, a life of shadows
relieved only by the eventual
offer of INvoluntry euthanasia.
For centuries bread and circuses
kept us quiet,we're more sophisticated now,
Ready meals and X Factor

The FreeCorps

Mrs Rigby said...

Did you spot the implied threat of future action?

Police said ... the unofficial contest could jeopardise the chance of an event being held next year under a different format

Shouldn't the police 'police' the rules, rather than make them?

bayard said...

I read somewhere that the ban is a publicity measure by the organisers: Every year it's banned, the organisers complain, much free publicity ensues in the press, hundreds of people turn up anyway, the organisers are relieved of any responsibility for H&S crap because they aren't now organising anything and the event goes ahead anyway with people being responsible for their own safety, as it should be. Bit of a result, really.

Anonymous said...

"Police said ... the unofficial contest could jeopardise the chance of an event being held next year under a different format"

So, are they going to ban lots of people just running down a hill (perhaps after an imaginary cheese)?

I remember the days when police might ban something because of the risk of injury to innocent bystanders inadvertently caught up in violence, now willing participants and spectators are not allowed to risk a sprain or nudge by a flying elbow.