Tuesday 22 June 2010

Mascot Watch (8)

Our Philip's been a bit of a busy bunny of late, so he has. Highlighting male victims of domestic abuse in the House, receiving Seb Coe in Shipley, talking to the police about the Bradford murders and, err, judging a kids' fancy dress contest?

Some may also have noticed him at PMQs last week, though, in the slot (1. engagements) which customarily sees a friendly dolly tossed up for the Prime Minister. Davies is a trifle too contrary for that, though.

This was followed up by an article penned for The (Invisible) Times prefaced in his typically forthright manner.

For far too long in this country, the small band of left-wing, politically-correct do-gooders have had a disproportionate sway over the debate on law and order. “Prison doesn’t work” they say or, “we lock up more people than any other civilised country.”

The reality behind these myths needs to be seriously exposed for the sake of this country’s future.

[...] When it comes to sentencing, we should be thinking of extending sentences not shortening them.
I'd give you more but I don't fancy waking up next to a kangaroo's head as punishment for handing Rupert's stuff out for free.

This stance seems to impress Peter Hitchens, who on Sunday questioned Davies's compatibility with his own front benches.

The genuinely conservative MP Philip Davies smacked the Liberal Tory Premier, David Cameron, smartly about the chops.

How long, I wonder, can people such as Philip Davies sit on the same side of the chamber as Mr Cameron and his liberal, PC friends like Chris Huhne and Ken Clarke?
Actually, Hitch, I'm rather hoping he stays there as long as possible to regularly prick the collective coalition conscience.

And it looks like he will do exactly that considering the avalanche of approving comments when his remarks were reported back in his constituency. I think a geezer called Bert Sanders summed up the general feeling.

"Nay lad you must not punish prisoners its against their human rights. You'll always be on the back benches as you are not toeing the line, but I reckon you'll be Shipley MP for a long time."
Looks like my sidebar pic is safe for a while, then.


Fredrik Eich said...

One would think that repealing the drugs laws would go a long way towards reducing the prison population. After all what people do to their bodies is their own business and not the business of the state.Whatever happend to the war on drugs? That war was lost so now a war on tobacco and alcohol to fill up our prisons some more.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I'm only guessing, but he may agree with you. Then again, he may not. One day, I might get to ask. ;-)