Saturday 5 June 2010

I'd Donate To Relief From Comic Relief

Old Holborn has unearthed a rather revealing job ad for Comic Relief.

The Public Education team are responsible for leading issue based campaigns and strategies. Campaigns include the Robin Hood Tax, malaria, maternal health and climate change amongst others.
It kinda reminds me of this, wot I wrote about last year.

Comic Relief is funding Alcohol Concern to identify and submit alcohol projects and initiatives for young people onto HubCAPP.
I could think of worse charities to donate to than Comic Relief ... but their names would fit on a postage stamp.


thespecialone said...

The only charities that I give to nowadays are The British Legion and Help for Heroes. Two that really should not be funded by gifts but entirely by government.

Captain Haddock said...

I support the same charities as the previous poster .. but in addition support the RNLI ...

Who have remained dedicated to purpose, successful & professional because of the very fact that they are in no way connected with ANY Government ..

Ian R Thorpe said...

Bloody Hell, Comic Relief are a front for The Thought Police. I'm glad its twenty years since I bought my last red nose.

Junican said...

You really have to watch it, don't you?
What could be more annoying than to find your contributions to a charity are going to 'smoking cessation, save the polar bears or incarcerate paedophiles...or something.
Frankly, I personally have ceased to contribute to anything. End of story........"No thank you".

It is noticeable how certain charities have given up knocking on our door recently, or going around the pub. They must be receiving a lot of 'no thank you's.

Sad, but that is what happens when people feel that they are being persecuted.

Captain Haddock said...

At least with the RBL, H4H & the RNLI .. you know where your money is going & what it will be spent on ..

Deserving charities in this country ..

Anonymous said...

ASH Scotland have been given £500,000 from the lottery to study the effects of smoking in the home.