Tuesday 29 June 2010

A Spoonful Of Sugar Makes The Medico Frown

Remember when sugar was a byword for joy and happiness?

That just won't do for the insufferable lunatics within the upper echelons of the NHS.

Health chiefs are to ban sugar in tea and coffee in hospitals because it poses a health risk. The NHS in Wales is to stop the sale of hot drinks containing sugar from vending machines. Hospital bosses say they are being ordered to enforce the ban because sweetened tea and coffee offer no nutritional benefit and can have a detrimental effect on dental hygiene.
The medical community are a miserable bunch of risk-terrified harridans at the best of times, but they are seriously excelling themselves if this is not a dramatically late April fool from the Wail.

The Welsh Assembly said in a statement: 'Hospitals are visited by a very broad cross-section of society and, as such, the whole hospital environment should reflect the importance of healthy living.'
Proof, if any were needed, that people we used to trust - I'm talking doctors here - have comprehensively lost the plot.

When the youngest Puddlecote was born (the boy), the only sustenance during the night, for his maternal grandmother and I, was the vending machine for her sweet tea and my cheese sarnie (night catering staff aren't as payroll-worthy as NHS managers, you see). Both the tea and the cheese are now to be banned, apparently - in Taffland anyway - but are you confident that such fuckwittery won't spread? And I mean honestly?

Additionally, in 2001 we were able to consume such products just outside the maternity building as we nervously enjoyed a cigarette. Now we'd be forced to hire a taxi to get to a place where we could indulge in all three.

Nice 'caring profession' you have there, DoH.

To cleanse your mind of such hideous state-sponsored shite, here's a hark back to the days before the joy-inducing qualities of sugar, like other substances these nutjobs disapprove of, were righteously ignored and eradicated.

Ironically, Alma Cogan died young after injecting pharmaceutical shit into her body in a vain attempt to fit a healthy stereotype. There's a lesson there somewhere, doncha think?


RantinRab said...

In hospitals in Glasgow you cannot buy original coke or any other soft drinks. It's all diet/zero.

I don't like the taste, or the chemicals.

Bucko said...

I wonder if we will now see an 18 rating on Mary Poppins.

Captain Haddock said...

These people need to be told ...

"Stop being such cunts and have a day off" ..

JuliaM said...

Try this in a prisoon and there would be riots.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Sugar, ahhh
honey honey honey
you are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you

Honey, ahhh
sugar sugar
you are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you.

richard said...

Go to Youtube and watch "Sugar - the bitter truth" which has a convincing set of of statistical and biochemical data about sugar and it's effects. I'm no killjoy, I like fags and booze and hate State interference, but based on the video I cut out sugar and in six weeks I've lost 13lbs. The ban in hospitals sounds like NHS spiteful we-know-bestism and can't possibly have a beneficial effect on health over a short hospital stay. It's unfair to those patients, who PAY for the NHS, who like sweet tea etc. The stuff is very bad for the mortal frame in amounts over 15g per day, but it's up to the individual, or so I would have thought before I saw that it sadly wasn't.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Words fail.

Dick the Prick said...

For fuckety fuck fuck fucking hellski fuck.

Anonymous said...

Stick two fingers up by taking in your own.

(BTW I was in hospital recently and found, when I tried to go off for a ciggie the day after surgery, that the doors were locked. You really are, in effect, a prisoner as an in-patient.)


Ian R Thorpe said...

Death to all limp wristed vegan Nazis I say

Anonymous said...

At this rate they will undoubtably end up treating each other from time to time.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon@20:28: "Stick two fingers up by taking in your own."

While your sentiment is entirely understandable, I was thinking about exactly that outcome today and when I have time I will explain exactly why it is a wholly undesirable consequence.