Saturday 12 June 2010

Link Tank 12/06

Thirteen! Why is it always thirteen?

The truth about orgasms

The EU have "replaced government with rules"

The myth of Thatcher's cuts

Socialist football is here - if you thrash the opposition ... you lose

We could cut £205bn at a stroke

A bonus time for bootleggers

South African vultures at risk from gamblers who believe it's lucky to smoke their brains

The US libertarian Tea Party movement see a fourth candidate nominated

Sexomnia: Sex while sleeping

The new libertarian generation?

Austrian fined 1000 euros in Italy for buying a 7 euro fake bag

Egypt enforces harsh penalties for non-compliance with their smoking ban

Seven historical figures who were absurdly hard to kill


Unknown said...

Hmm, two, yes TWO links involving sex. Poor Mrs. P. Maybe you should visit this site DP and take the 12 steps to recovery. ROFL.

Anonymous said...

The EU have "replaced government with rules" Link.


That drift only feeds general anxieties that Europe's debt crisis could tip the continent's economies back into recession and rip it apart politically, even though a fall of the euro should help eurozone exporters.


Dick Puddlecote said...

TBY: Err, thought readers would like them, err, just research, err ... I'll think of some excuse, give me time. ;-)

Unknown said...

Sorry DP, sent you a most arduous task with that link to the 12 steps for sex addicts like mys..yourself. You only need one step. I promise, you Mrs. P will not have to worry about your wandering eye for these sexually depraved websites no more, research or no.

Of course please do not, under any circumstances, go to that website for the one step until after the England V America game tonight...make it your last sexual encounter before you are cured.

BTW: Love your weekly :Link Tank posts, most entertaining and takes me away from thinking about tobacco control for a while. Well, a very short while.

A half pished BigYin

Anonymous said...

TBY beat me to the punch-line again.

I too was going to comment on why did the link topics twice wander into the the area of sex that day. It is like the mind noticed something, then it backtracked, for a second peek.

I would say it is hard to come up with a more rousing example of how erect and solid the mind, once engaged in the intercourse of the stimulating friction between the thought of sex in one moment, and then in the next, back and forth, in and out, that it becomes detoured in a circular tunnel and ends up right back where the thought first originated, birthed in the warm womb of sex, how the psychology must have been working that day - or something along that line to explain it.

Now I must hurry to read the two links myself, for sake of satisfaction and to put a final climax to the evening.