Friday 11 June 2010

The New Niggers

I drafted this a couple of days ago but was going to bin it. However, after reading this comment from Leg Iron on, err, Leg Iron's blog, I've had second thoughts.

The recategorisation of smokers as subhuman meant that many had accepted their role as some sort of smoking animal rather than a real human who happened to like a smoke.

As the push has continued, these worms have started to turn. Okay, you can fool them that teh smoking ban in pubs was 'to protect non-smokers' but banning it outside? Banning it in the smoker's own home? That is not about protecting anyone, it's simple thuggery.
So, to continue on that theme ...

{cut to dream sequence}

This article from California says a lot.

Starting Monday, Starbucks customers are welcome to sit outside and sip a while — as long as they don't light up. The international coffee giant is extending its ban on indoor smoking to outdoor patios and dining areas in California.
It says a lot for three reasons. I'll bullet them.

• That, as the comments to the article show, there are quite a lot of retarded Americans.
• That state-ordered smoking bans were not necessary. If the free market wishes them, they will happen.
• And, most importantly, that smokers are now the new niggers.

Whoa, Dick, I can hear you shout. The new niggers? A bit of a hefty one that, isn't it?

Not really, no. You see, the rights of smokers to smoke in the open air, where no health risk exists, or will EVER exist, is being banned because non-smoking customers don't like it. Not very different from one set of customers being prejudiced against another in any other category. Yes, it's a private business and they are entitled to do as they choose, but can anyone truly insist that outdoor bans would have occurred without the avalanche of anti-smoker sentiment promoted by governments? And without the reciprocal right of the business owner to cater for their smoking customers, this is one way traffic. The kaffir-isation of smokers.

Not convinced, I see. OK. Then let's pop over the Irish Sea and take another example from someone who remembers the unenlightened "No gays, No Irish" past.

We decided to bring Sandy with us on holidays this year.

Virtually every single advertisement clearly stated “no smokers”. Some even went so far as to capitalise it. “NO SMOKERS”.

Smokers are now perceived as a sub-species that shouldn’t be allowed into any decent establishment We are the new pariahs, the new outcasts that taint any decent respectable society.

They don’t refuse holidays to alcoholics, the obese, paeophiles, politicians or even people from Cavan. Anybody is allowed except smokers.
Remember that neither of the above is sanctioned by legislation. But also, neither is rooted in any semblance of threat or danger. Further, neither measure is protected against prejudice by the relevant state, in fact there would most likely be approval.

The same governments which righteously condemned apartheid - and gloried in its dismantling - are now silent as their actions, based on no science whatsoever, have created an entirely new hatred.

Smokers are the new niggers, and the state is wholly responsible for making them so.

It was never about health. Oh yeah, and diversity my arse.


Anonymous said...

Flawed premise, Dick.

You can't give up being a 'nigger'.

Dick Puddlecote said...

If it were possible, and they were told that they must give up, would they wish to?

banned said...

Are the signs saying NO SMOKERS or NO SMOKING?

BBC Radio 4 yesterday, discussing why the gap between the longevity of men and women was getting smaller.
"It's because of the smoking ban, more men smoke so more of them will be smoking less".

Really? Such a startling result in so few years? How about men not getting culled in world war and not getting worn out by decades of hard manual labour in poisonous industries? It was elfinsafety wot done, not the smoking ban.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Banned: Grandad was adamant. No SMOKERS. Rather like this.

Anonymous said...

I support the right to hate smokers, to exclude them,to
incite laws against them, to avoid their company,to leave an area where they mix,on one small
condition ,we at the lower end of the social structure can do likewise to gays,coloureds,jews and
any other minority that does'nt fit.
They want some hatred ,they want some exclusion,they want some
division,they want apartheid back..OK Bring it on..Lets have some

Oh aljaom,I aggree ,no black man
can do anything about his colour
but the anti smoking freaks can
allways give up being totalitarian arseholes.

Patience running out

Anonymous said...

Anyone who visits Ireland needs
attention in any case.
They want to send supplies to Hamas but they dont want smokers,
backward,ignorant,celtic bogdwellers.
Strange they did'nt have a smoking ban in pubs when the IRA were
going round collecting.

Ex Paddy

Grandad said...

"Are the signs saying NO SMOKERS or NO SMOKING?"

Both. All you have to do is a simple search - holiday rental no smokers for a few examples.

Anonymous said...

Yes but what makes it worse is hospitality businesses can no longer say smokers welcome inside.
Can they ?
That's the rub.

Anonymous said...

Remember Rose, who had to sit on the back of the bus because she was black.

My name can also be Rose, and I'm not welcome anywhere because I'm a filthy, smelly, rotten smoker.

They came out in their thousands for black Rose, who is going to come out for me,the smoker. No one.

I hope every bastard anti rots in the fires of hell.

Tobacco Control is to smokers the equivalent of what Hitler was to the Jews. They're looking for the final solution to eliminate a section of society they hate with every fibre of the being.

Anonymous said...

Remember Rose, the black woman that had to sit at the back of the bus because she wasn't welcmome at the front.

Call me Rose, I'm not welcome anywhere because I'm a filthy, smelly, rotten smoker.

They came out in their thousands for black Rose, who's going to come for me, a smoker, no one.

Tobacco Control is to smokers what Hitler was to the Jews. TC are looking for the final solution to eliminate smokers from the face of the earth. They hate smokers with every fibre of their being.

Unknown said...

Well, after this year I am giving up on holidays - it's not like I need to travel anymore anyway (and thanks to folks neglecting their volcano I have been away lots more)

However, me and my mum try to do a holiday each year. We did US followed by a trip home on the QM2 a couple of years ago. It was fab. I enjoyed sitting in one of the bars with a drink and a cig and a book - mum always knew where to find me.

Mum requested a holiday from the UK (even tho she lives in spain) and coming back to here. I found a QM2 trip doing exactly that - 3 week trip.

Cunard, in spite of their aging smoking best customers (yes, they were as they said they would not book if they could not have a smoking bar - spoke to loads of folks) decided to become non smoking. You can only smoke in the stateroom (mum doesn't smoke so that would be unfair), on the balcony (ok), and outside in designated areas.

Great, on a large ship and you can sit outside. Yes, you have all seen titanic. Anyone who has been on transatlantic knows that there is NO outside. It is windy and rainy and horrid. The QM2 was built for transatlantic and for indoor living (so said the captain) but it appears that indoor living only if you are a non smoker.

O, and they had not informed me of the change of policy since booking about a year ago.

They have lockdowns where they will not allow people out on deck if it is bad enough weather (most times on transatlantic). i feel for the smoker who has an inside cabin - what the fuck are they going to do?

O, and not to mention that I have spent the national debt on a holiday where i will be pissed off at the no smoking shite. I know, I could have cancelled but remember my mum is looking forward to this and I can't let her down.

Yes, we are the new niggers. I wait for the first person to be swept overboard while out for a cig. Will anyone care? Probably not - it is their own fault for being a filthy smoker.

cunard and all the fuckers who have gone non smoking - never again will you get my money.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


Several years ago the "smokers washed overboard" thing came very close to reality when a presumptive shore HSE (git) manager announced that company oil support vessels in the North Sea were to be no smoking inside zones and a yellow painted square on the open deck was the smoking area.

Cue Force 9/10, a dozen or so folk in foul weather gear shuffling around the yellow square and a BIG wave breaking over the bridge...

The policy was rescinded and a well appointed, well ventilated cabin was provided.

Anonymous said...

Outdoor smoking is banned by law in San Francisco, CA. It's a $500 fine and there are huge signs letting everyone know not to do it. It's all parks, plazas, squares, etc. Banned outdoors at all festivals and street fairs too.

And this year the mayor promised to enact an outdoor ban at all outdoor seating areas, bars, cafes and restaurants, not that most aren't already, Starbucks included.

It's California state law that bans outdoor smoking anywhere within 25 feet of any building.

So essentially, in a city like SF, one can't smoke legally unless it's out in the middle of the street, far enough from the buildings, sidewalks and taxpayer paid parks.

They banned tobacco retailing for drugstores too - and this year the mayor and progressive council promises to start taking away tobacco retail licenses on smaller retailers, thus making their businesses nonprofitable as well as making them unsellable as viable business operations.

Many the resort in California these days is no smoking anywhere on premises, including outdoors on the resort owned property. It's quite common already and all the officials have to do is act as if it's totally normal and the newspapers play along with it too. Nobody ever questions it because if you do then they will call you a tobacco paid schill, a racist, a fascist, hater, bad person and a sinner against progressive communist politics, like that.

Back when black people were discriminated against and had no rights, many tried anything they could to take on the appearance of white. Nowadays, smokers do anything they can to take on the appearance of being a non-smoker, including not smoking, even though for many their lives turn miserable afterwards and for many they end up on antidepressants.

It most certainly is being everything one is not, if one is a smoker and has to play at not being one, to appease at first the social mores, now the laws, which include hefty fines for smoking outdoors and being cited.

Fair, open minded, loving, caring, diverse, tolerant - all those words of the progressives fall on dead ears to anyone with the ability to see and to hear what is going on and see the hypocrisy and division through hate they've created. Their utter hate is on display as clear as a bell if one just stops to see what this has buit up to in the course of the last 14 years since California introduced its first indoor smoking ban.

The smoking bans only move in one direction and that is to fester greater hatred and to always demand more encompassing bans, including in some California cities, bans inside one's own home.

Belinda said...

anon: 00.11

Captain Haddock said...

Love the link about the SA. Vultures DP ...

I've smoked some crap in my pipe down the years .. I remember once being forced to buy a baccy called "Warhorse" (long ago defunct) in Scotland, there being no other choice .. Christ, it tasted & smoked more like Warthog ..

I certainly don't fancy a bowlful of vulture though .. ;)

As for the ridiculous (but hardly surprising) antics of California, I'm delighted to be able to say that I've never visited America, never had the remotest desire to do so & still don't ..

Neither do I drink coffee .. so California & Starbucks can poke it up their collective arses ..

bayard said...

It's simple: politicians know that life is easier for them, when the people have someone to hate. Once it was Jews and Catholics, then it was blacks and other immigrants, now it's Muslims and smokers.

Anonymous said...

bayard said...
Geeez imagine if your Muslim and a smoker !

Captain Haddock said...

Spare a thought for the late Sammy Davis junior .. Black, Jewish, One-eyed & a Smoker ..

Apparently he also answered to the name "Lucky" ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Sammy Davis Jnr? Now, there was a cool guy.