Sunday 13 June 2010

Rankin Hypocrisy

Via Private Eye, I see that NHS Brmingham East & North have renewed their alliance with artsy photographer, Rankin.

A couple of weeks ago, they released a new 'hard-hitting' video to tackle binge-drinking.

Because, you see, Rankin is awfully concerned about the problem, so he is.

Jameson, the world’s best selling Irish whiskey, is delighted to announce details of a new advertising campaign which will go live from 4 September, and will be supported with a fully integrated marketing spend, of €5 million. The “It’s a Jameson Thing” campaign is a series of portraits shot by internationally renowned portrait photographer and film director Rankin.
And the 'not-associated-with-binge-drinking-at-all-really' target?

The new campaign targets 25 to 34-year-old men by “reinforcing Jameson's credentials as a premium and contemporary spirit, while also supporting its leading position in the UK”.
Such a split in Rankin's loyalties doesn't come as much of a surprise though. You see, the guy has form.

His last collaboration with NHS Birmingham was a gore-fest of an anti-smoking video, so hideous in its portrayal of a smoker being brutally beaten senseless, that it has been flagged 'inappropriate' by YouTube for anyone under 18.

However, as I mentioned in September, Rankin doesn't find anything too violent in tobacco when he is pallying up to showbiz stars. If anything, one would assume he considers smoking rather photogenic.

Rankin's anti-drink offering merely backs up my previous conclusions about his odd flip-flopping (if he is giving his services for free), or the wasteful nature of the NHS (if he's not).

Either the NHS are spunking a hell of a lot of money, which could be better directed towards front line services, on this disgusting advert. Or Rankin is a quite egregious hypocrite.

Or maybe both.
If I were a bookie, this new evidence would persuade me to make the former the favourite.


Smoking Hot said...

Sorry DP but all that hard hitting advert campaign says to me is "Don't let a drunk cameraman make a video"

Dick Puddlecote said...

Looked a good night out to me. ;-)

Captain Haddock said...

The bloke in the first photo reminds me of the sort I cross the street to avoid .. as they always want to "blag" a Quid ..

Whilst the second photo reminds me of a Film star .. "Lassie" having a dump ..

Unknown said...

Rankin, he got no style. Ahh, plastic records, you remember them DP?

Rankin is a C%*^ who follows the money.