Thursday 24 June 2010

Happy Low Carbon Day

I'm pretty sure that the little Puddlecote's schools are going to be fully signed up to this lesson in fairytale appreciation, so why not share, eh?

Oi! Turn that light off!


subrosa said...

When they get home check they've not involved you in the carbon trading scam. You just never know...

TheFatBigot said...

On National No Smoking Day I make a point of taking a large cigar. This evening I will burn dinner.

Angry Exile said...

Can I stab the BP man in the face, Mummy? Can I? Can I? Pleeeeeease? Teacher told me it's the right thing to do for the polar bears and tigers.

Send you warble gloaming down here, you whiny little bastards. It's witches' tits at the moment.

Mark Wadsworth said...

If it's the day after the summer solstice, then today is most likely to be the lowest carbon day anyway (less heating, less lighting, probably less driving as it's quite hot and sticky).

@ TFB, try burning a McCoy's expensive crisp - they go like tinder!

Anonymous said...

From the website:

"Educating children about climate change."

...filling their heads with 'the cuddly polar bears are dying' meme

"Focusing children on their own energy consumption / carbon footprint."

...don't run around, you're breathing too much air and no, you can't go to Alton Towers, d'you know how much electricity these rides use

"Encouraging action by asking children and / or their families to make a pledge to cut their carbon emissions in some way."

...slaughter and eat Fido for dinner: his tinned food costs a fortune to manufacture and transport and he farts too much


Anonymous said...

Almost completely off topic, but I caught your pet MP on the BBC Parliament channel this morning asking for a debate about NICE and their recent 'garbage' (fairly certain that's the word he used)

The guy in charge of the commons (can't remember name) agreed that mission creep - his description - is a bad thing. There's to be a Health session next Tuesday, apparantly, at which the hon. PD can address his concerns. Might be worth looking out for.


JuliaM said...

The guy 'in charge of the Commons' would be Bercow. And that's definitely worth looking out for!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's going to be a great sunny weekend.
Oh look ! the barbie needs more charcoal LOTS MORE in fact BLOODY GREAT BIG extra greenhouse emmision type lumps ,oh yea ,burn baby burn.
"throws another polar bear steak on the barbie !
Sizzzzzzzle "
Followed by booze booze booze ,and fags fags fags,and booooozeaaaaa.
If you are ritcheous and offended by this please fuck off !
I thank you .

Anonymous said...

Re the link indicated by DP,I have just investigated the source of the web page. It seems to have come from '' (top right of page) and 'Mothers against Climate Change' (bottom right of page).

This organisation seems to be just a group of mothers here and in the US. How they have obtained funds for such a slick web page, I do not know, but the whole thing (schools involvement) seems to be just a try-on, without any official blessing (erm...on second thoughts, knowing these education dept officials, delete the last few words.

Anonymous said...

FUCK John Craven and his fucking so-called "Newsround"...

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon @ 14:33: Yep, seen that and am quite looking forward to the bunfight Tuesday. :-)

Junican: I thought the same regarding their funding. It's not a libertarian type of thing to say, but sometimes one wishes that such places should be forced to reveal these things.

After all, they are always very insistent that their opponents are 'paid' by big bad (insert industry here).

Thomas Hobbes said...

Did the school do Low Carbon Day after all? If so Bishop Hill wants to hear from you..